All of the photos below are of actual Northwest Lace customers and products

These before and after photos were sent in by customer and forum user "lovehair".

Before and after photos of customer and forum user "Enrique" wearing his medium light density piece with a graduated hairline.

Before/After photos of "Teddy" - The first photo is right before his transition when he was using concealers.

Above is customer and forum user Pete's custom ordered full cap, none of this is his real hair. A very natural result for his first attempt at wearing.

This is one of the all swiss lace stock pieces that Steven cut in himself.

The two photos to the left are of "Receded" wearing his new ultra thin skin piece.

This is a color #5 stock piece in medium light density

Jessie's before and after photos of the great result he achieved on his first attempt at wearing a piece.

Here is a before/after of new wearer, Ryan. He cut this stock piece down and cut it in himself with just a Jilbere razor comb!

The photos to the left are from forum user and customer Receded93. He wanted to cut a stock piece down into a custom partial to lower his receding hairline. He did a wonderful job, details of how he did this are posted by him on the forum.

These photos were also sent in by Receded93, this was the entire piece just placed on his head before he cut it down into a partial piece. The band on his forehead is the excess lace that has not been cut off yet.

This is a photo of a customer that cut a skin/lace combo piece in himself using a Robocut. This is a medium light density with slight graduation.

This is what he started with. Amazing how different a piece looks right out of the package as opposed to after a cut in.

Here are 3 photos of customer Mcat's color 1B piece after cutting it in himself.

This is customer "Enrique" wearing his higher density French lace stock in 4 different styles.

These are also photos sent in by Enrique, but this is his ultra thinskin piece (.03mm) with V-Looped ventilation. He had this one cut in shorter.

Nina's before photo

Nina's after photo. She shaved the remainder of her really thin hair on top, the entire top is her new piece.

Another after shot of Nina showing the back of her 18" long new piece.

The photos above are before/after shots of customer and forum user "Btles". This is a light density all French lace.

Customer and forum user "Folob" in a 90% density (between light & med. light) french lace custom.

Customer submitted photos of a medium light .03mm v-looped ultra thin skin piece in color #1B.

Front & side photos of customer & forum user "MPCReRun" and a .03mm v-looped ultra thin skin in medium light and color #7.

This female customer is wearing a silk top with root/tip coloring, highlights and a 14" hair length.

Customer & forum user "JM" wearing a .03mm v-looped ultra thin skin in medium light density.

Customer & forum user "Baldee" in his custom skin piece w/ French lace front in medium light. He orders the first 1" in blonde and colors it himself.

110% French lace topper worn by customer & forum user "Starwvr".

Customer & forum user Jack and his color #4 french lace custom piece in medium light density w/ blonde highlights he added.

These photos were sent in by a customer in India of his medium light French lace stock piece.

These are photos of "KingBaldy" wearing a .03mm ultra thin skin in color #17 in medium light density.

Customer & forum user "Hairsay" with his light density, v-looped .03mm ultra thin skin.

Color 1B v-looped .03mm ultra thin skin stock piece in medium light density.

Wet look and dry style photos from Receded of his newest piece in color #7ASH & medium light density w/ a graduated hairline.

To the left are before and after photos of Maykell and two of his different pieces.

These are photos sent in by customer and forum user "Will". He had recently decided to wait to switch to a piece and just went and had his side and back hair shaved really short. Then he saw photos of what another customer was able to achieve and decided to give it a try after all. His overall facial features changed dramatically and he was still able to get the piece to blend well into his super short hair on the sides.

These are before/after photos of what customer and forum user "SpikeyMike01" was able to accomplish with a stock piece. He bought a color #22R and did the color and cut in on his own. He documents how he did this on the forum for those that want some tips and/or advice.

Hairline of customer Maykell's full cap

Maykell's great scalp look after coloring his piece from blonde to black

Another closeup view of his scalp.

My before photo.

My after photo (90% density, forward from the crown ventilation).

Jeff's before photo

Jeff wearing his new stock piece

Jeff after adding some lighter colored highlights.

Customer and forum user Tom's before photo.

Tom's after photo with his new full cap. He has just cut it in and as you can see it is not attached down, it also still has the excess lace attached. This still gives a great idea of what his transition looks like.

This is a before photo of a female customer without a piece on.

This is her transformation after she purchased one of the heavier density stock pieces in color #18.

This is a customer photo of a color #20 stock piece in a higher density with a longer haircut.

Color #4 Full Cap After A Cut In Customer and forum user "WigLadyDee".

Same Piece After Adding Curls.

Color #4 In Different Lighting.

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