Stock Pieces

from $179

  • One size fits all, trim to fit
  • Many colors in-stock & ready to ship

Custom Pieces

from $199

  • Approx. 8 weeks production time
  • Base size up to 8"x10"
  • Hair length up to 6"

Full Caps

from $299

  • Approx. 9 weeks production time
  • Any piece with a base over 8"x10"
  • Hair length up to 6"

Standard Custom Hairpiece Order Or Duplicating A Hairpiece - $199 each

This price is for a custom order with a base size up to 8" x 10" and hair lengths up to 6" w/ top quality Indian human hair. It also includes the following base choices or combination of bases: french or swiss (sfs) lace, ultra thin skin or standard thin skin, monofilament, poly, etc. There are many base designs and combinations, just ask if you need something different. Just about any base you are used to can be duplicated by sending it in. Bleached knotting and graduated hairline are included if requested. This price also includes synthetic grey at any percentage & human grey (as long as the human grey is less than 30%). A standard order takes approx. 8 weeks production time (not including shipping times). Custom orders are non-refundable.

For longer hair lengths, please add:

$30 for 7"
$40 for 8"
$60 for 10"
$80 for 12"
$100 for 14"
$130 for 16"
$150 for 18"
$170 for 20"

Rush Order - $40

A standard order takes approximately 8 weeks production time (time it takes to make the order, not including shipping time). If you need it made faster, a rush order will cut the production time to approx. 4-5 weeks (not including shipping times) for an additional charge of $40. Full caps normally take a full 8-9 weeks to produce because of the additional size of the base and amount of hair. A rush can be put on a full cap that reduces the production time down to approx. 6 weeks.

Full Caps start at $299

A full cap is any piece with a base size over 8" x 10". If your full cap is ordered with densities less than medium and a hair length of up to 6", it will be $299, for heavier densities of medium and above, the price will be $349. Medium (120%) and above is usually worn by females, this is far too much hair for most males. If you need hair longer than 6", please refer to the chart above for the extra prices associated with longer hair.

Human Grey 30% or above is an additional $30 on all orders.

Any percentage of synthetic grey is included in the price of your order. Human grey however is harvested as human grey and not processed into grey, so there is a $30 fee for human grey percentages of 30% and above due to the fact that there is a premium price put on it when purchased by the factory. This is the exact fee passed on to me, there is no upcharge on my end. There isn't much of a request anymore for human grey so this is rarely ever an issue, but I wanted to post this just in case. The synthetic nowadays is wonderful, so unless you have a specific need for human, synthetic is the way to go because it won't color out on you when you color your piece, etc.

European Hair +$60

We offer processed European remy hair for $60 extra in lengths up to 6" only. Please note that this is not virgin hair, virgin European hair would be much more costly than this. Processed European hair is finer and softer than processed Indian hair. However, the vast majority of pieces are made from Indian hair and suit most wearers perfectly fine, so this would not be worth the extra expense unless you felt your hair texture is a better match to European hair.

Lifted Injection +$30

Lifted injection is different from standard injection in that the hair has some lift and is more of the appearance of single strands of hair coming from the scalp. The base for this is thicker than normal injection and is not recommended for an exposed hairline. It is best to have a lace front or thinner skin front if you will be going straight back with the hair. All other skin ventilation is included in the regular price. This is only upcharged due to the special material and additional labor involved.

Repair Order (Hair Add, Etc.) - $89+

A basic repair order would be for a hair add and/or base repair (rip). If you need a new front or the base to be enlarged it can be done at an additional cost of $30. So, a hair add and/or tear repair would be $89. A hair add and/or tear repair with a base enlargement or a new front being changed out would be $119.

The hair add pricing is based on a hair length of 6" or less. Longer lengths would be charged at 1/2 what the long hair fee would be for an entirely new piece.

Priority Mail shipping with full tracking and delivery confirmation to US addresses is $8 per order (does not go up if multiple pieces are ordered). This is 2-3 business days to most cities.

Signature confirmation can be added for $2 more for $10 total.

Express Mail shipping with full tracking and delivery confirmation to US addresses is $25.95 (does not go up if multiple pieces are ordered). This is 1-2 business days to most cities.

Express Mail International with full tracking and delivery confirmation is $43.50 to Canada and $59.50 to all other countries (price does not go up if multiple pieces are ordered). Delivery times vary by country, but this is the fastest option.

Priority Mail International is also an option for International orders, it is $25.95 to Canada and $35.95 to all other countries. However, the delivery time can be very hit and miss with this option.

**Any additions such as insurance, signature confirmation, etc. can be requested and added, but there would be additional costs involved.