Stock Pieces

from $229
  • One size fits all, trim to fit
  • Many colors in-stock & ready to ship

Custom Pieces

Starting at $259
  • For existing custom order customers only
  • Base size up to 8"x10"
  • Hair length up to 6"

3/4 Caps & Full Caps

  • For existing custom order customers only
  • 3/4 Cap is a base size over 80sq inches to under 100sq inches
  • Full Cap is a base size over 100sq. inches

Standard Custom Order Under 80sq. inches - starting at $259 for all thin skin and $299 for lace or lace hybrid

These prices are for a custom order with a base size up to 8″ x 10″ (80 sq. inches) and Indian hair lengths up to 6″. It also includes the following base choices or combination of bases: french or swiss (sfs) lace, ultra thin skin or standard thin skin, monofilament, poly, etc. There are many base designs and combinations, just ask if you need something different. Just about any base you are used to can be duplicated by sending it in. Bleached knotting and graduated hairline are included if requested. This price also includes synthetic grey at any percentage & human grey (as long as the human grey is less than 30%, 30% human grey and above is $30 more as stated below). A standard order takes approx. 10 weeks in production time (not including shipping times). Custom orders are non-refundable.

For longer hair lengths, please add:

$60 for 8″
$80 for 10″
$100 for 12″
$120 for 14″
$150 for 16″
$170 for 18″
$190 for 20″

Rush Order - $40

May or may not be an option, depending on order type.

3/4 Caps & Full Caps - Unavailable

A 3/4 cap is any piece with a base size of 80-100 sq. inches. A full cap is a piece with a base size of 100sq. inches or over. These prices are for 3/4 caps and full caps ordered with densities up to 120%/medium and a hair length of up to 6″. If you need hair longer than 6″, please refer to the chart above for the extra prices associated with longer hair.

Human Grey 30% or above is an additional $30 on all orders.

Any percentage of synthetic grey is included in the price of your order. Human grey at percentages under 30% are included in the pricing above as well. There is a $30 fee for human grey percentages of 30% and above. This is due to the higher costs of human grey (as the hair has to be collected as grey, it cannot be colored into grey). So the costs are higher for it.

European Hair +$60

We offer European hair for $60 extra for orders with up to 6″ hair length. For orders with hair lengths over 6″, please check for availability.

Lifted Injection on a thin skin base +$30

Lifted injection is different from standard injection in that the hair has more lift than standard/normal injection. The base for this is thicker than normal injection and is not recommended for an exposed hairline. It is best to have a lace front or thinner skin front if you will be styling the front hair up/back. Lifted injection is higher priced due to the additional labor involved.

Repair Order (Hair Add, Etc.) - Unavailable

A basic repair order would be for a hair add and/or base repair (rip). If you need a new front or the base to be enlarged it can be done at an additional cost.

The hair add/repair pricing is based on a hair length of 6″ or less. Longer lengths would be charged at 1/2 what the long hair fee would be for an entirely new piece.

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